On Veteran’s Day and Coming Home

I can’t pretend to know what war is like. The closest I’ve come to the horror of it are the movies, and we all know those are hardly the real thing in any category of life. I haven’t felt the grief of seeing a fellow soldier take bullets. I don’t wake up to the sound of machine guns firing or bombs dropping. I haven’t experienced the feeling of hunting an enemy or being hunted. I have no idea where to step to avoid a land mine. I have all my limbs. Continue reading On Veteran’s Day and Coming Home


Naked and Ashamed

Shame will wreck you. It will make you feel about six millimeters tall, when God designed you for so much more. It’s caused me to stop dreaming and believing that God can use me. It’s caused me to stop having faith that I can actually change, because shame puts the focus inward — a place we were never designed to stare. Continue reading Naked and Ashamed

All Grace

For all the trials and tribulations since the fall of man- grace. For the mundane days at the office, for the phone calls we never want to get, for the birth of a new baby, for the death of your dearest friend. Continue reading All Grace