Boys and Girls Club Meeting

A couple days ago I spoke to Michelle White of the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. I had emailed her to let her know I was interested in volunteering with events throughout the year to support their organization. She seemed thrilled to hear that I wanted to help and invited me to tour their facility…tomorrow at 11:00! I am very excited about the possibility of partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, because I believe it is so important to support children and encourage them to reach for their dreams. My first project will be judging entries for a Digital Arts Festival Photo Illustration Competition, which should be pretty neat, since I’m taking a graphic design class this semester. The children will actually be using PhotoShop, an Adobe program we are using along with Adobe Illustrator. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling about all this technical mumbo jumbo. For now, I’m just hoping to get over this cold so I can function normally again. After all, even a beauty queen has to study for midterms : ).


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