A New Partnership

Well…I met with Michelle this morning and realized just how blessed I am to have the opportunity to partner with such an incredible organization! The Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the county are far more than just after school programs to keep kids off the streets. These clubs are truly helping change lives by teaching necessary life skills through hands-on experience! The chapter I visited today is a Performing Arts Center, which seems to be bustling with events and activities for the next couple of months. They have just added a new recording studio (which is the aqua room pictured above). I forgot to get a picture of this painting that was hanging on the wall in the studio- I thought it was very neat. Michelle said it was a teen’s combination of Dr. Suess and Starry, Starry Night. If that’s a sample of what these clubs have to offer, they have some very creative and talented individuals on their hands! I have to work on filling out some volunteer paperwork so that I can really get involved and start meeting all these incredible kids. Words cannot express my sheer excitement about becoming more involved in the next couple of months. Michelle is going to be great to work with- she is so sweet and friendly and seems to really be dedicated to supporting the mission of the club. I’ll keep you all updated as things progress! ‘Til next time…

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One thought on “A New Partnership

  1. Chelsea,Blessed By Him is Toni Weaver. I started a blog, but haven’t put anything on it yet! Pretty soon:)

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