Photo Tech Competition

Original Photo

A few days ago, I finished judging the pictures from the three clubs in Broward County that participated in the Digital Arts Festival Competition, sponsored by Microsoft and Best Buy. The entries were AWESOME! Some of the ten and twelve year olds would definitely show me up, as far as PhotoShop skills go! They were very creative and each entry had its own special uniqueness. For their project, they had to incorporate the cloud photo above from the Boys and Girls Club of America into their piece. The finished products were great, so I posted some of them here for you to see. The one with the alligator makes you really search for the clouds- can you see them? As you can tell, it was pretty difficult to choose a winner for each category, but I did have a lot of fun participating and was inspired by their incredible creativity!
“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”
Henry David Thoreau

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4 thoughts on “Photo Tech Competition

  1. WoW! That is inspiring! I have been self-teaching myself Photoshop for over a year and still feel I do not know 80% Of what it is capable of! Glad to see you have joined blogland! :-) RHV

  2. Thanks for the welcome! Now I just have to learn how to make my blog look so cute like you make yours! : )

  3. How is it going Daddy’s Little Girl? You continue to amaze me in all that you do. There is more joy in giving than receiving.I love you,Dad :)

  4. Amazing photos. It was good to see you at the office today, you are an amazing grand daughter.Love Ya, Papa

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