Why Worry?

I have to say, with all this political mess going on, I sure am glad to know that God is in control. Pastor Bob (from Calvary Chapel) reminded me of the importance of leaning on Christ and trusting Him no matter what. Who will win the election? I have no idea…who will win my heart? JESUS! And who is still on the throne today, tomorrow, and forever? You guessed it- God. I have nothing to worry about because the One who breathes life into my very being has complete control over all that will happen tonight and in the future. So, let’s remember to use this election as a tool to share Christ with others. Maybe they’re nervous about the president-elect, but we can be assured that God is faithful and He will carry us in His arms. Isn’t it awesome to know who’s really in control? Now that’s something to get excited about!


One thought on “Why Worry?

  1. Lord,bless me and use me;even if there comes a day when I too must be broken. (This is easy enough to say,but only by your grace can I base my life upon it…JOHN 6:9 HERE IS A BOY WITH FIVE SMALL BARLEY LOAVES AND TWO SMALL FISH,BUT HOW FAR WILL THEY GO AMONG SO MANY?

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