Hometown Pageant Update

This sure brought back some good memories! I was crowned Miss Lake Placid in 2006, and it was one of my favorite titles. There’s something about representing your hometown that’s different than state or national pageants. I was tempted to wear my Miss LP sash and crown, but decided to stick to the usual : ). The night began with a dance opening number that was fun and upbeat-to the song “Daddy Took Her T-Bird Away.” I was amazed at the balance they maintained while dancing on lawn chairs- somehow, I could just picture myself trying that…it would go very wrong! Then the eight contestants modeled their fashion outfits, which were adorable (wish that segment was in the pageant when I did it!). After that came, my favorite part of any pageant, evening gown. The girls looked very beautiful and did a great job. Taylor Conklin was crowned the new Miss Lake Placid, and the night before, Kassie Canevari was crowned the very first Junior Miss Lake Placid! I wanted to attend Jr. Miss, but school activities wouldn’t permit : (. After it was all over, I headed to Beef’s because, as usual, that was the only thing open besides Pizza Hut…ah, the joys of a small town (some things never change). I’m now spoiled by fancy restaurants and shopping malls here in Ft. Lauderdale, but nothing compares to little LP- I do miss it!

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