Miracle on 136th Street

Kassie and I had the opportunity to participate in the Falls Mall annual parade- Miracle on 136th Street. The parade is a spin off the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, so it’s a very big event for Miami and we had lots of fun participating! We rode in a 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible, which was so awesome! I loved meeting all the small (and incredibly adorable) admirers…many are in pictures above. I also ran into the only present I want for Christmas- an adorable pink customized Range Rover- that’s not too bad right, Dad? : ) Just kidding! My mom, Mrs. Jen, and Mrs. Wrenn all joined us for the fun- though poor Mrs. Wrenn was food deprived while searching for the car and waiting for the driver to arrive ; ). After the parade, we changed out of our heels, dresses, and queen apparel into “normal attire,” which was way more comfortable. We didn’t let the day escape without a shopping finale. Mom and I didn’t have very much luck, but definitely enjoyed spending time together! Leaving the mall, we headed for some food at Bahama Breeze, only to find a waiting time of an hour and a half!!! Our stomachs were way too hungry for that! Instead, we decided to head to Outback, which totally broke our rule of never eating somewhere that’s in Highlands County when going out of town…oh well, we had fun regardless! It was great to do an appearance with Kassie and spend time with my Mom all in one day. What can I say- I’m a lucky girl!

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One thought on “Miracle on 136th Street

  1. Hey Chel Bel! Was reading your dad’s blog and got a hint that you might have one too but you found mine first! Now I can keep up with your happenings!Miss your smiling face,Miss Heidi

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