Little LP Christmas Parade

On December 13th, I rode in the Lake Placid Christmas parade…short and sweet! The best part was the amazing convertible I borrowed from Alan Jay. Needless to say, I had quite a fun weekend zipping around in that! I was always eager to run to the grocery store or go into town if my parents or I forgot something. There’s nothing like riding with the wind blowing through your hair- no worries (at least for those few minutes : ) The worst part was handing the keys back over to the dealership- I felt like I just lost my best friend : ( Anyway, I also put together a storytime last Friday for Christmas in Lake Placid with Jr. Miss Lake Placid, Kassie Canevari. We didn’t have a very big turnout, but had fun with the ones who came. If I get some pictures, I will be sure to post them! Christmas break has been very busy so far- not much time for fun. I’ve been working, with a few days off to go shopping. It’s so weird, but I really do miss Nova right now. I thought I would NEVER say that…I used to count down the days until I could come home! Who thought I would ever miss school? lol. Hope the Christmas season isn’t too stressful on you-remember to cherish the memories and make it count! Love ’til next time!
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