Long Time, No Talk (and a lot to catch up on)!

So, I’ve officially decided that I’m a terrible blogger : (. Seems like my life spins out of control faster than I can capture it, which I suppose is a good thing when it comes to living life full throttle, but we’ll talk about that later! Anyway, since I haven’t blogged in a month, I decided it might be a good idea to update you on my life while I was “away.”
Christmas was great- back at home in little LP with the family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Christmas morning we had a yummy brunch, which consisted of eggs, Mom’s ah-mazing, one of a kind cheese grits, sausage, bacon, cinnamon rolls, the works! I was in heaven, considering I’ve been surviving off of college food…yuk! It was weird going back for Christmas though, because it finally hit me- awww, man- I’m not a little kid anymore! Christmas just isn’t the same once you’ve gone away to college (something I’m still trying to accept). But besides the fact that reality hit me about “growing up,” I still got spoiled by my parents for Christmas. Though it might sound cheesy, one of the best gifts I got was the wonderful time we got to spend together over break; and, while some of it was just relaxing together on the couch, it still felt so nice to be home with the people I love (mostly just my parents- haha- kidding! The boys get some lovin’ too!)
Okay, now we’ll fast forward a bit through the long periods of napping to New Year’s Eve. One of my best friends, Caylin, and I decided that it was time to get out of town this new year. We couldn’t stand the thought of another bonfire that dragged on for hours (besides we aren’t in high school anymore, so we thought trying something new would be a wonderful adventure). We wanted to start the New Year off with a bang…and we did! Bags packed and cameras ready, we headed for Ft. Lauderdale for a night on the town! Once we checked into the “hotel” (AKA my dorm- hey, they have security and a front desk!), we dressed up and applied our beautifying products while jamming out and dancing around together (plus some fun pics). Right there, we agreed that this was an awesome idea!
Then we headed to Las Olas for some delicious dinner at Le Bonne Crepe (there’s supposed to be an accent mark in there somewhere- just imagine : ). I had fabulous Chicken Madeira, but regretted the decision after seeing the enormous homemade crepes filled with all kinds of meats, veggies, and sauces. I mean, hello, who goes to a crepe restaurant and orders a chicken dinner? What was I thinkin’? Well, I suppose that I’ll just have to make another trip to Las Olas to see what I missed- darn! Anyway, my Madeira was still fabulous and filling.

After chowing on those calories, we strutted our stuff down the Boulevard to watch the countdown for the ball drop. We got there about an hour early, which turned out to be perfect timing…we noticed the street started to get VERY crowded (nearly 5-6 blocks of people)! There was lots of energy and enthusiasm in the air, with a live band and a countdown clock. When it got to be 60 seconds, everyone started the countdown and the ball descended. Yes, you heard me- descended. Why in the world do they call it a ball drop? It doesn’t drop! (And apparently, I haven’t watched it enough to have an opinion until now). Anyhoo, I got my New Year’s kiss from Caylin, as you can see in the picture. We snapped all sorts of shots to welcome in 2009! My favorite part was the confetti- out of nowhere it just started falling (I’m still trying to figure out where they shot it from). It felt like we were in downtown New York or something with all the people. Caylin kept laughing at me because I kept saying “Oh my gosh, look at the confetti. It’s so awesome! I love it.” Even the next day I was talking about it- hey, what can I say…it doesn’t take much to amuse me! But, seriously, it was the best New Year’s Eve that I’ve had (so far- many more to come, since we are making the trip a tradition: *yay*).

To replenish our lost energy from walking in heels and counting down, we decided to hit Steak n’ Shake for a mid-“morning” snack….mmmm- chocolate shakes- enough said! Our long night had us in some dire need of sleep, so we hit the sac, which is also a funny story (*singing* this is the post that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friends!) I digress. Back to sleeping- Caylin insisted that I not sleep on the floor, so we both crammed onto my twin bed, which turned out to be quite an experience. She said she was a cuddler, though I totally disagree now. I woke up in the middle of the night only to find her in the fetal position hogging more than half the bed, while I’m shoved up on my side against the wall with my hands across my chest like I’m in a coffin. lol. I just had to laugh- ah, I love my friends!
The next morning, we ate breakfast on University Drive at a little restaurant called the Tower Deli- incredible omlettes! Then, we headed to the beach to catch some rays and maybe some cute boys (not much luck with the latter, maybe due to overindulgence of food the whole weekend : ). We laid out, talked about life, and just enjoyed the sunshine and the scenery. After a few hours, we headed back to the “hotel” for showers then hit the mall. To complete our weekend, I decided to run over a raccoon on the drive home- sad. I have to say, though that other than the tragic roadkill experience, the New Year’s celebration kept me laughing and smiling like there was no tomorrow. The memories we shared are priceless, and I will definitely treasure them forever!
So, then came the worst part of Christmas break- the end! I was missing Nova at first, but then I was lovin’ Lake Placid when it was time to leave- story of my life- complete indecisiveness! No matter what the feelings, it was time to part with friends and family and head back to college. I couldn’t help but giggle at the voice recordings on the drive home. (It’s this new project I’ve started in my car. Whenever someone rides with me, we record our experiences and memories- funny jokes, interesting stories. So far, it’s hysterical and when I’m having a bad day, I just listen to my tape recorder and it reminds me like those times were just a few minutes ago!)
Funny how time flies now that I’m out of high school. I feel like I’m going as fast as I can some days, but I still can’t keep up. The silly thing is- all this time I’ve wanted to “grow up” and go to college and “start my life,” but some days I find myself reminiscing about high school days with my girls and wishing I could go back in time and really soak it all up. All those moments we didn’t know we were creating memories- we were just having pure fun. So, I’ve made a decision- I wanna take it all in on this beautiful, crazy, insane, confusing, amazing ride of life that I can’t help but love.

What I cling to is the fact that no matter how busy life gets or how wrong everything goes, I have a God in heaven who cares about me and who holds me in His hand. And just when I think everything’s falling apart, He reminds me, “Hey- you’re mine. And I wouldn’t let anything happen to you that I know you can’t handle with my help. You just have to depend on me, not yourself. And, I would really appreciate it if you would stop doubting my ability because I am capable…I made the earth you’re living in, don’t you remember? You’re worried about that bio quiz? Come on, Chelsea, really?” Haha- sometimes I just have to laugh at myself and put things into perspective…like today!
Today, I had a microscope day. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I pretty much failed my second bio quiz and didn’t have time to do my readings for my other classes because I was too busy studying for the quiz that I failed. I couldn’t find a speech topic that was due today; and, not only that, but for the brief moment I had to spare to eat some dinner before class, I went to the UC only to find gi-normous lines. So, I waited and waited and then ordered some pizza (definitely needed some serious comfort food)- oh- but they were out of dough! (Are you kidding me?) Once I finally got some chicken and rice- opposite of fattening comfort food- after standing in another long line (with 15 minutes to cram it all down), I got up to throw away my trash. I decided it would be a great idea to tip my Diet Pepsi over while I was at it. Bad day for ya?

But like I said, it was a microscope day- I was looking at every little thing that went wrong instead of focusing on the big scheme of things. God kept saying to me- “What about the telescope view? Wanna try that one out for a few minutes today?” Stubborn me said, “Nah, not right now. Right now, I just wanna be mad.” Ever have those moments? I know He had to be laughing at that reaction. Now that I’m cooled off a little, I’m laughing too, thinking “Wow, drama queen, maybe the telescope view would have been a better perspective.”
Of course, my wonderful mom listened to me rehash all the details of my horrible day, while releasing some tears after letting the stress of it all take over. She was quick to comfort me, but I let her go since she seemed like she was busy at work. I got a message from her later saying that the insurance auditors were in the office when I called, so she couldn’t really talk then (I had to giggle- imagining her carry on a therapy conversation with these people in suits going “what in the world?”). She left some sweet words of wisdom on my voicemail while I was in class. She encouraged me to trust in the Lord and remember that “Everything works together for the good of those who love Him.” Moms are a true blessing from God!
But, what really keeps everything under control is if I remember that God has an incredible plan for my life, and while things might be a little frustrating and confusing now, I have to try to see from His point of view. And to do that, I have to draw near to Him and really get to know His heart. Now I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions…I don’t make them because I normally break them, so I find it relatively pointless. All I know is that I want to be better this year than last year, and by better, I don’t mean fitter or stronger or more intelligent- I mean more in touch- more in touch with His plan for me and my obedience in my walk. Life is too short to be worried about microscope days- I need to see like He sees. Every person, an opportunity to love and to share. Every experience, an opportunity to learn and grow. And every minute spent with my Savior, brings me a little closer to His heart and His purpose for my life. I just want to be that woman of God that is strong and steadfast and confident, no matter what shakes her world. I want to be that “good and faithful servant.” I want my life to make Jesus famous. I want my life to count for His glory. No doubt, it will take some time and hard work, but I’m willing to tread where my Jesus leads. What about you? Are you who you want to be? Because as George Eliot says, “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Talk (and a lot to catch up on)!

  1. Hi Chelsea…Found your blog by way of Heidi D’s. I enjoyed reading this post and your thoughts on how you want to be different this year. How refreshing to hear young girls who have proper perspective! Heidi S

  2. Thanks Mrs. Heidi! I’ve enjoyed your blog also (ironic- I found yours on the other Mrs. Heidi’s too!). Please keep me in your prayers as I strive for my goal this year!

  3. Hey Chelsea! I really enjoyed reading your blog today! Very inspiring and refreshing to know the heart of a young adult like yourself. You are right. Your mom is an amazing person:)You are too:)You are in my prayers!

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