Birthday in the House!

Last weekend, I made a trip home for two very special birthdays! My grandparents turned 70, and the family got together to celebrate. We met at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Crazy Fish (which I hear has amazing seafood, but I’m not a seafood person) in Lakes Wales. The night was filled with fun and laughter, especially when Mema blew out the candles and the wax went all over Papa- you can see that progression in the collage and the video. My Aunt Dori made a delicious Key Lime Pie, and Aunt Karen prepared an Irish Cream Cake- both were great! While everyone was eating dessert, Papa was making a science experiment out of the birthday balloons and the straws from drinks…he refuses to grow up, no matter how many birthdays he celebrates : ). Guess that’s what it means to be young at heart! So, happy birthday to two amazing grandparents…hope you both know how special you are not only to me, but to the many people who are blessed to have you as friends and family!


2 thoughts on “Birthday in the House!

  1. Chelsea, thanks for the great birthday photo coverage, what fun. We had a good time and appreciate you coming home that weekend.Love Ya , Papa…

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