Where the Skies Are So Blue…

First Stop after Gainesville…for some GA Pecans!

Loyal Fans : )

Sydney had quite the fan base!

Some more friends who came from Lake Placid to see Syd compete.

With Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen
Sydney competed in the Miss Auburn University Pageant
Caylin and Darby made the loooooong road-trip with me!
Ahhhh….finally time to breathe. This weekend was quite the whirlwind! I headed out Thursday night for my Alabama trip. I spent the night in LP then drove to Gainesville Friday morning. About 10 hours later, I arrived in Auburn, AL, our destination for the short weekend! Caylin, Darby, and I all told Sydney we wouldn’t be able to make it due to school obligations, but little did she know, we would be in the audience the night of her pageant cheering her on. She was shocked to see us after the pageant was over and immediately ran up to give hugs. Syd didn’t end up placing, but she did an amazing job! Since it was part of the America system, there was a talent portion. I’m not being partial, but when she sang “Popular” from the Broadway show Wicked, she sounded just like the CD recording. I couldn’t be more proud of someone who is so beautiful inside and out! After the pageant was over, we ate a VERY late dinner (12:00) and stayed up until almost 4:30 catching up with each other. The next day, we went to the Auburn basketball game versus Vanderbilt. The campus is beautiful and the town is quaint and charming- much like Lake Placid, but with more activity, plus better shopping. After dinner out a Niffer’s, we enjoyed some quality time playing Apples to Apples, then headed to bed to prepare for the long drive ahead. The weekend went way too fast, but we had a lot of fun (at the expense of some quality z’s…I’m still worn out!)
However, I have to say that late nights with girlfriends is always worth it : ).
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