A "Dramatic" Night

After class yesterday, I headed out to the Boys and Girls Club Performing Arts Center once again…but this time, I wasn’t just the emcee for the evening, I was an active participant in the making of the Spring Showcase. It was very exciting to see how the whole process evolves- I kind of came in a few weeks late, but they forgave me : ). The kids have been developing a plot and have learned all the terms necessary to be successful playwrights! I even learned some new vocab myself. We also ran some scripts- lucky me, I was Santa Claus in my group. Needless to say, I definitely should brush up on my acting skills- or get some to begin with! lol. It’s great to see how involved the kids are in the actual production- from writing the play, to rehearsing, to acting- they have their work cut out, but I know they’ll do a great job! I’ll be helping every Tuesday night, so I might even pick up a few tips, too. My favorite part of the night was when I discovered my “Angel Note” on the board. Mrs. Michelle, the director for the club, encourages the students to write positive and motivating notes to each other on the board. When she told me I had one, I was so happy! I didn’t see a name on who wrote it, but it said something to this effect: “Chelsea, I am so excitied that you will be helping us this year. You seem like a very nice person. I can’t wait to see you more often.” What a way to end the night- I love it!


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