Sallarulo’s 5K Run

Starting with a bang- literally!

Sunday started off bright and early for me! After getting ready, I headed to the Miniaci Performing Arts Center on campus at 7:30 to help with the 5K run, benefitting Special Olympics of Broward County. I didn’t actually participate in the run, due to a bad back…wow, I sound old when I say that! Instead, I presented sponsorship awards, medals, and handshakes of congratulations to all the excellent athletes that participated. I had the privilege of meeting Miami Dolphins player Jason Smiley, who is soooo tall. It’s not often that I find people who intimidate me when it comes to height (I’m about 5’9″)…he was an exception! Mr. Don Taft was also there, who is a major supporter for Nova Southeastern and for the Special Olympics in Broward. That morning, he gave the chairty $500,000 to use towards a new sports building! He was just as sweet as he was generous- when I was leaving, I walked over to say goodbye to him. I went to shake his hand, then realized his hands were full of awards and miscellaneous items. After telling him to not worry about it, he insisted on setting everything down and giving me a kiss on the hand : ) Meeting the athletes who participate in Special Olympics was also a treat- they were all so friendly and lovable- definitely inspiring to say the least! Enjoy the pics….DISCLAIMER: Hair was under terrible weather conditions- fog as thick as a forest when I walked out of my dorm. Let’s just say, next time, I’ll remember to check the weather report before deciding on a hairstyle…how embarrassing!

Okay…this is what my hair looked like when I styled it in my dorm- well, Ken Paves didn’t do it, but it looked pretty darn cute! (Work with me here : )
Below, you can see the affects of Florida weather….oh my.

Mr. Don Taft in the middle with Linda Mills, director of special events for the Florida Special Olympics.

I even got a gold medal for helping!

Justin Smiley, #65 for the Miami Dolphins


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