Miss Broward County Pageant

Four new titleholders were crowned last night for Broward County right here on the Nova Southeastern campus! Lucky for me, I just walked to the pageant. I was excited about seeing the show, but didn’t really want to go alone. The funny thing I discovered is that not many people enjoy going to pageants, so I was forced to go all by my lonesome. I was standing in the lobby waiting for the doors to open when to my great surprise, I saw my Florida sister queen (Mrs. Florida 2007) Monica Speer walk in. I screamed her name and went running for a hug- it was sooo good to see her! After settling into our seats, we immediately became busy trying to pick winners and our favorite dresses- pageants are much more fun with a good friend! I think there were around nineteen girls that competed in all, vying for the crowns- Miss Broward County, Miss Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk, Miss Florida Everglades, and Miss Broward County’s Outstanding Teen. The emcee was Scott (can’t remember his last name), the weatherman for the local Channel 10 station. He was HILARIOUS- we were laughing the whole pageant through- by far, one of the best emcees I have ever listened to! The pageant was pretty long and we were all very hungry, so we met at Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner- what a way to end the night! Mini burgers and French fries never tasted so good- I mean, what wouldn’t with the incredible company I had ; ).

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One thought on “Miss Broward County Pageant

  1. You are a girl after my heart… always talking about where you went to eat. I’m so proud of you!

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