Hollywood, Here I Come…maybe?

Last week was exciting, way too busy, and a lot of fun all wrapped into one! I auditioned for a part in a local series called “Hall Pass,” a program designed to prepare middle and high schoolers for life. As they called it, “reality TV with a learning curve.” ; ) My roomie, Shawn, emailed me the casting call, and I debated whether I should go. I had so much to do and, like I said all week, “not enough time to do it all.” But, nonetheless, I figured- why not? If I didn’t grab the opportunity, I would have always wondered what could have happened. So, I decided to see for myself. Before I went in to audition, I prayed that God would use me if this is what He wanted, and if not, I knew He had other plans for my life. On Tuesday night, I received a “call back” for Thursday afternoon. I started studying the script and practicing my lines. I got there just in time (class kept me later than expected) and was actually the last of the final six to audition. The set was so neat- like something you see on TV, complete with the “green room” for animation effects and huge cameras and lights. I was like a kid in a candy shop- acting “Hollywood” for a few minutes of fun. The audition went awesome and the producer and camera people were all so friendly and encouraging. They made me feel right at home. And now, for the results (DRUMROLL PLEASE!)…………………………………………………………………………………………………I didn’t get the part. Yeah, maybe not what you expected or wanted to hear, but moral of the story: “Carpe diem!” Just cause I didn’t end up on top, doesn’t mean I didn’t learn a few things and have a good time on my short journey as a red carpet starlet (lol). So, do something today that you wouldn’t normally do- life’s too short to live the same day twice!

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7 thoughts on “Hollywood, Here I Come…maybe?

  1. Smiling! Girl you really have an awesome gift from God in your communication skills. You just keep your eyes on Jesus and you are going to go far! Love ya!

  2. How cool is that? If I were the casting director, I know I would have chosen you!I love your positive attitude!

  3. I love your excitement for life! Keep living like you do as you follow Christ to your next adventure! Stay focused and you will go far!Sorry I did not really get to see you this weekend!

  4. Aww- thanks everyone! : ) Can’t wait until summertime when I can chat face to face more often with you all. But for now, Blogland will have to suffice!

  5. I need the name and phone number of the casting agency surely they have made a mistake!I love you,Dad

  6. Now, now, Dad! Everything happens for a reason- and that just wasn’t what God had in mind for me…but, I have to admit, I love your support ; ).

  7. I’m with your dad! I’m so proud of you for keeping the positive attitude, but obviously the casting director didn’t see what we see! Love you!p.s. Your red carpet days are far from over ;)

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