He Loves Me

7 thoughts on “He Loves Me”

  1. Dang chels…what a post. God is so stinkn huge and his love is so huge and he is using you big time thru your writing. I am speechless. I know you won’t get a big head by me saying that, just keep letting him pour out his thoughts of himself thru you! I am so proud of you! (and I will get started on your request)love,mr. keith

  2. Mr. Keith- thanks for the words of encouragement. Coming to Ft. Lauderdale has really stretched my faith, and I am so glad that He is choosing to use me in so many lives. I love that when I abandon my own plan, I get His best. You really don’t have to do that song if you don’t want to…lol- but I won’t complain if I hear it from you guys, it will prob. sound better than the one on the CD ; )

  3. or my faith. Its a blessing to know you. Whenever I think about all the life stuff….that song rings true…and is such an encourageing reminder. Oh how He loves. I agree with my wife..thanks for introducing us to that song. BTW I’m glad you requested CC play the song, I can’t wait to hear it.

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