If These Walls Could Talk

8 thoughts on “If These Walls Could Talk”

  1. It is awesome that you saw God in it all! I remember how sad you were in the beginning and questioned if that was where you really were supposed to be! It is so hard to see God make sense of it, when you are in the middle of it, hurting and not understanding. But praise God that you did PERSEVERE and used it for God’s glory!

  2. He created you that way Chel….He just needed to let YOU know it. What better way than to let you experience it on your own. That way…you knew…..without any doubt…it is Him with you.That ultimate peace and security isn’t from the security of this temporary stop we’re making here on earth, but from our heavenly home. In fact, I saw it in you at the bottom of a Smokey Montain canyon on a rainy day in July. Calm in the middle of the storm, you weren’t lost cause you had been found. Wouldn’t it be way cool if EVERYONE would just let Jesus love them this way.

  3. Mr. Terry- you got me all teary-eyed!……(Then I started laughing when I thought about our crazy adventure of wondering around in the woods- that was so fun!!) I agree the world would definitely be changed if everyone could let Jesus love on ’em. You are an awesome writer, where’s your blog??? : )

  4. WOW, Chel-Bel. This post is awesome. I got teary myself. It is so motivating and encouraging to see how God works in the details…hindsight!Glad you are home for a spell…get some R&R.

  5. It is so glad to read from your heart! God sure does use you in miraculous ways! I am so glad you are obedient to God and put everything down in words so you can share your faith with others.

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