Dancin’ in the Rain

Many times my younger brother can get on my last nerve, and he knows just which buttons to push to send me over the edge. Yes, I believe that both he and Chase (my older brother) have conducted thorough studies on what makes me tick and what ticks me off, because they are quite talented when it comes to the latter. But, then there are moments when I just have to laugh and smile and enjoy the moment…like today. Today I walked out of the shop, only to discover the supposed-to-be-hard-at-work Dalton, playing in the “mini river” that developed as a result of heavy thunderstorms this afternoon. He was intently focused on floating the empty Pringles can, carefully observing its every move. Simple things like that make him happy. I love how he’s still just a little boy at heart. In a way, I think we are all just little kids at heart, wrapped in some older person’s body. What is it about rainy days that make me wanna go jump in a puddle or feel the rain coat my skin as I dance in the street? Maybe I’m weird, but I feel like I still haven’t grown up. I mean, who wants to anyway? It’s way too fun being a kid. Just sayin’…


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