Mission Impossible Made Possible

Move-in is complete! You heard me right- everything is moved in. As for organized….well, I’ll be working on that one today and tomorrow. The first week of school not only brings new beginnings but also minor chaos as I navigate around my room filled with school supplies and re-accustom (that’s probably not a word, but I so just made it one : ) myself to this small space! These past few weeks have been one emotional rollercoaster for me, and I am ready to get off the ride, if you know what I mean. When I finally got readjusted to life back in Lake Placid, it was time to make the move back here to Fort Lauderdale. Change is always hard for me, especially if it involves leaving behind the people I love, knowing I won’t see them nearly as much as I wish. But, I will press on, remembering that God has awesome plans in store for me here, though I don’t think the bruised finger and busted up heel were part of those plans moving in- lol. From my last statement, I’m sure you can tell just how grand it was to move my whole life down here and up three stories, once again. Mom and I should be earning Badges of Courage or something, well, she should anyway. I seriously couldn’t have done it without her! We had some “interesting” experiences (refrigerator problems), to say the least, but shared many enjoyable moments together. I wish there was some way to pay her back for all she’s done, but it’s just impossible. When I was nodding off to sleep the other night, I just couldn’t think of a way to say thank you that would really capture the meaning. Well, I do have to get this place straightened up, so I suppose I am done blogging for now. Enjoy your day- there’s beauty in each one : ). Oh, and remind me of that when I’m having a bad one. Haha.


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