It’s Scary

I bought this magnet at Barnes and Noble yesterday (got a little sidetracked when I was shopping for some school supplies).  It’s a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, a well-respected and admired lady.  I did a speech on her last year and found her life to be so inspiring and amazing.  It’s just insane how many things she did to help others, even when it was inconvenient or difficult for her.  Anyway, I’m going to try her “theory” out- the whole do one thing everyday that scares you.  I guess if you never try anything outside your comfort zone, you won’t really grow to your full potential.  Plus, if you push yourself, who knows what new talents, opportunities, adventures, or predicaments you might find yourself in…all of which only cause you to become a stronger person.  Today, in my Intro to Drawing class, which I was terrified to even walk into- lol, we had to do “blind” drawing.  The rules:  Only look at the object you are drawing, not your paper.  And, never pick up your pencil from the paper- make continuous lines.  We had to sketch pieces of coral and mini clothespins.  Needless to say, there were definitely some laughs when everyone discovered what they had drawn.  Professor Ryan said it’s about disconnecting what you think you see and what you really see.  I have to admit, in a way, they were kind of beautiful.  It was like we were seeing for the first time-unreserved, unrestrained by the expectations we had of ourselves and our abilities.  So, my “scary thing”- first drawing class, with “blind” drawing nonetheless- turned out to be quite freeing, and who knows…like Picasso, it might become my new favorite pastime : ).  Your turn.

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