…and she lived happily ever after. The end.

The US Continental pageant journey is over.  I gave up my title in July, but am just getting around to posting some pictures.  Sorry these came a little late, but I wanted to make sure and wrap things up.  The pageant turned out awesome, and it was wonderful to spend the extended weekend with my “sister queens” and amazing director, Loreen.  I am truly grateful for the experience and know that the new queens this year will have the time of their lives!  Enjoy your “trip” to Salt Lake City, Utah!
With some teen delegates after lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.

They were totally trying to steal my crown!  No way, ladies, not until Saturday night!  Just kidding ; )
 Loreen and her fantastic sister, Sandy. We couldn’t have made it through the pageant weekend without her!
She stopped me while I was shopping in Gap.  They just moved from FL to UT and were happy to see a good ‘ole Sunshine State girl!  Woo-hoo!  Little ones are the best.
Rena and I before posing before the baseball game…and discussing our methods for the first pitch : )
Pictures with delegates at our BBQ Cookout before the big game.
My “first pitch ball,” signed by most of the baseball players on the team!  I didn’t do too bad…hey, I made it to the catcher, and “looked good doing it” (from a fellow pageant queen).  However, she also added, “Honey, that’s why you wear a crown and not a uniform.” LOL.  Too funny!
There were lots of people there to cheer on their teams, while others had too much fun being
“queen for a day.”  She struck a pose and everything!  Cutie.
The Sunshine State representing in Utah.
With Marc Reynolds, a very well-known photographer.  Great pictures, even greater personality!  Kept me laughing and smiling the whole weekend.
Some delegates before their interviews (my favorite part).
Rena and I are all smiles before the big production!  Hair and makeup? Check. Crowns and sashes? Check.  Big, cheesy smiles?  Double check!
Mia has gotten so much bigger since I last saw her.  She’s our princess for the national pageant- what a gorgeous and talented young lady (she danced multiple routines for the show).
The newly crowned Miss Teen US Continental, ShaDelle Barnett (who represented UT).
Well, since we’re no longer “queens,” we can goof off as much as we want…
Just kidding!  We did that all along : )
(Rena, Ms. US Continental 08-09 on the left and Kandice, Mrs. US Continental 08-09 on the right)
Former and newly crowned queens of the US Continental Pageant system.
Thanks for keeping up with me throughout my reign-it means so much!  I really appreciate all your comments and feedback.  Just so you know, I have recently started a new blog, This Is Me.  I felt that All that Sparkles was no longer appropriate without, well, the sparkles!  Haha.  So if you ever want to see what I’m up to, check out the site.  I still have some work to do as far as looks are concerned, but I’ll get to that after the 50 MILLION chapters of reading I have for my classes this week.  Hope to see you around in blogland! 
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5 thoughts on “…and she lived happily ever after. The end.

  1. What cute pictures! I know you are glad you can get back to your college life and continue your other goals. You are a very beautiful lady and you have an amazing heart and love for Jesus. Keep shining your light! Miss you!

  2. Proud doesn't begin to say how I feel about you! You did an amazing job of representing Miss U.S. Teen! I want to follow your new blog. Send me the link:). Love you!!

  3. Thank you, Mrs. Toni and Mrs. Renee! You are both always so supportive of me : ). Mrs. Renee, the link is there if you click on the words: This is Me. It should take you to http://www.chelseaseignious.blogspot.com.Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I'll be following you at your new "location!"I hope you're doing great as you settle back in and get your fall term underway. No doubt you'll do wonderfully!

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