The Big 2-0!

“So, do you feel any different?” That’s the typical birthday question. And my typical birthday answer… “No, not really.”

I didn’t think turning 20 would be that big of a deal for me, but somehow it has struck a chord. It feels like I’m entering into an entire new chapter in my life. I’m no longer a teenager; and, while some would be happy about that fact, I’m wrestling with it. No longer a teenager??? Not cool. Lol.

On another note, it has given me time to reflect on my life so far. God has been so faithful to continually pursue me and remind me of His love, since I was just a little kid. I am constantly amazed when I look back and see His hand guiding and directing every step in my life, even if at the time, I thought I was the one in charge. Twenty years seems like a long time to me, but others I talk to say, “Just wait until 30, 40, 50, 60…you get my point.” The past few years, it seems like time has flown, and I often forget to “stop and smell the roses” in the middle of a hectic time.

I guess what I have to say is that I’m happy. Everything’s not perfect, don’t get me wrong. I have a long way to go and there are still many things I want to do before I leave this earth. But, I am blessed with an amazing family, wonderful friends, and a life that I often take for granted. My birthday reminds me that each year offers room for improvement. It’s a time for me to stop and appreciate the years, but also press on to seek after what God has in store for me….which will probably be another post soon.

Anyways, I thought it would be neat if you all left me a comment with some advice you have for me- about life, love, God, birthdays, faith – anything you feel is most important to know as a 20 year old embarking on this new decade. I would love to hear what you’ve got…it sure would make my birthday extra special : ).


2 thoughts on “The Big 2-0!

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and for participating in my blogger birthday celebration : ) I loved your advice- very well said. It's going in my quote book…oh, wait I don't have one of those. Guess I'll have to get one. hehe.

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