Not Your Average 5K

Anyone who has been around me for a decent amount of time knows that I like to be comfortable. Whether we’re talking about temperature, clothing, beds, pillows, shoes- comfort is ideal. You might not be much different. But, as I sit in my adorably decorated dorm room (thanks, Mom : ), I think “Is comfort what I live for?” If I’m not “comfortable,” either physically or emotionally, am I still truly “comfortable” with how life is going? There’s something more, something greater that calls me to a life beyond comfort. I believe everyone has that yearning for adventure, because I also believe that God put it in each of us. You have to admit- everyday life can sometimes be boring or routine, and maybe God is calling you to do something out of the ordinary, essentially out of your comfort zone.

The reason I bring up all this chatter about comfort is because I believe God is calling me to 11 months without it. I heard about a mission trip, or should I say mission adventure called The World Race about half a year ago. Since I was first introduced to the idea, I was truly intrigued. 11 months, 11 different countries. Mission work 24/7, never knowing what to expect or where you might sleep at night. While part of me says “Ahh!,” the other part says, “Perfect! That’s what I need to do.” It’s weird how many times this “little” adventure pops into my head throughout the week, and I’m beginning to think Someone is putting it there on purpose, if you know what I mean.

I don’t want to go where God is not leading, and I know He will do everything in His perfect timing. All I’m asking is that you partner with me in prayer, beginning when you read this post, for The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results (James 5:16). It will come together if that’s what needs to happen- I trust Him.


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