Can you come back tomorrow?

I got my car washed today. Well, supposedly. It looked great, except for the massive amount of bug residue left on the front bumper and windshield. The gentleman that waxed it asked me to come take a look and make sure everything was how I wanted it. I explained to him about the bug residue, and he asked me to come back tomorrow to fix the problem.

Honestly, I was kind of shocked. Here I was paying not a cheap amount of money to have my car detailed, and the guy said to come back tomorrow, and waste my time and my gas money to fix a problem that they were supposed to take care of in the first place?! Ugh.

Well, the purpose of that story is not just to complain about poor customer service, though that would be an excellent example of such. Christ later laid it on my heart and said, “You’re that guy.” I was thinking, “Whoa, whoa, whoa there…not so fast. What do you mean?”

What He said definitely caught me off guard. “You know how I ask you to come to Me and get cleaned up. I ask you to do great things in my name, live for my glory instead of your own. Yet, you dismiss the Holy Spirit, saying ‘Can you come back tomorrow?’ or ‘We’ll handle this another time.’ You wallow in the mess and wonder why you are so unhappy. You accept the junk and then complain that life isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Do you have time today for Me? Or am I supposed to wait until ‘tomorrow’?”

If that doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will. I was so convicted. God graciously grants us mercy and grace, new each morning; yet, I have the audacity to simply dismiss His commandments, insisting that they just aren’t important enough for today, that I have too many other things to do. It’s gotta change. I have to start living each day for Him, not just on the days I “feel” like it.


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