Real People Are More Interesting.

2 thoughts on “Real People Are More Interesting.”

  1. I have got to remember to check your blog more often, since it seems I think of you several times a week!!! I love this picture of Morgie and all of the others that you do for everyone. You really capture "that" person! I can't wait to see your finished project!! I, like you, believe that "everyone has a story"…event the grumpy man in the store. If we all took time to listen more, maybe we'd be a more peaceful nation.Love you and praying!!!

  2. So good to see you finally!! I actually didn't end up doing this for my project b/c of time constraints. I was trying to do a little too much in that short amount of time. Instead, I made a cookbook w/ Mom's family recipes. It turned out good- my professor wants me to publish it- lol. I'm thinking Mom wouldn't want me to share all her secrets!!! : ) Thanks for keeping up with me on here- and for all your sweet comments. See you again soon!

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