writdesignphotoreaderforthebigdreamer…or something like that.

What happened to dreams? What happened to thinking I could do whatever I put my heart and mind to? What happened to making my life count and using the talents I was given?

I don’t think it’s just me. A lot of people I’ve talked to say the same thing. It’s like we’re going through college to check it off on our list, but in the midst, we lose the very vision we had that made us want to pursue a college education in the first place.
It’s to do something big- to develop the talents we were blessed with, to come alive. Funny how I say “come alive” when a flat heart rate is all I feel towards the end of this semester (JK…kinda ; ).
But, really…as kids we’re taught that we should dream big and reach for the stars. That’s so easy to do before the world laughs at you and announces that you’re going crazy. Publish a book? Yeah, right. Start your own graphic design company? Do you know how many people are already trying to do that? The sad thing is that criticism from the outside begins to take root and soon enough you find yourself cutting down your own ideas. Become a professional photographer? Like you’re really that good- come on, get a grip. Run a marathon? OK…that will happen, um, never.
But, there are a select few- the few who choose to forgo the normal route of thinking and excel beyond human belief.
I think of people like Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin and Walt Disney. People who believed in themselves- really believed that they had something to contribute to this world that no one else could. Your name should be on that list because, while you may not know it, there’s a very big reason that you’ve been placed on this earth. And, those big dreams aren’t just floating around in that noggin for nothing! I should be on that list, too- we all have something that no one else has.
  • I love to write. I feel like it clears my head and helps me sort through what I’m feeling. I guess it kinda makes me think I know what I’m talking about, too : ).
  • Good design inspires me; in fact, good design literally makes me smile sometimes. There’s nothing better than seeing a brochure or logo and having that slow burn effect, where you go, “Oh…I see it. I get it. That’s so clever.”
  • I love photography. It gives me the opportunity to capture a moment in time that no one will be able to return to. It reminds me to slow down and take in the beauty that’s around me.
  • Reading (though I don’t have much time to read for leisure lately) is so refreshing, and being able to escape to a different time and place offers a new experience each time. I think this goes back to the “great contributors” I mentioned earlier. Picking up a book allows me to enter someone else’s mind, to get a feel of where they’re coming from. In essence, I receive the wisdom they’ve contributed, giving me a new perspective on things.
  • I enjoy laughing and smiling and watching other people do the same.
That’s what I love. Those are the things that excite me, that drive me- that give me a reason.

This whole college-students- should-have-it-all-figured-out-with-a-ten-year-plan-and-five-internships-before-they-graduate-thing is a bit stressful. I mean really, how are we supposed to plan a life that’s so unpredictable?  I can’t even decide what to wear in the morning, needless to say what I want to do with my life.

I guess that’s because it seems so final. Like once I make a decision after college-that’s it! Game over. Stuck there the rest of your life. So it feels necessary that I choose wisely. I don’t want to get stuck doing something I hate. Even worse, I don’t want to get stuck doing something I love only halfway because I’m scared of dreaming big.

If only there were a job entitled writdesignphotoreaderforthebigdreamer! Although, that would be quite a mouthful for an introduction…


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