Open Letter to Mr. Right

Days fade in and out, and time moves on. Yet, you’re always in the back of my mind.

Where will I meet you? Perhaps I’ve already met you. What will you look like? What are your passions? What are your fears? Your goals, your dreams?

I can’t wait to see what an amazing love story God will unfold for us. The hard thing is keeping Him as our number one, even when we meet and fall crazy in love for each other.

Things have been really weird for me lately. I’ve been kind of on a journey to “re-discovering” what I believe and why I believe it. College has taught me not to accept all the facts presented at face value. I’m learning to own up to my faith instead of just believing it because that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Wonder what God’s teaching you now. I pray that He is growing you into a man after His own heart that will be an amazing leader in our relationship. I think He gives us young adults this waiting period to mold us like never before. This is a time in life where transformation is frequent and new opportunities abound. We can focus on building a relationship that will truly last for eternity, our relationship with Christ. Being free from a dating relationship has given me time to reconsider my priorities and get back on track.

Well, I don’t know. I was just thinking about you and wanted to let you know.

Can’t wait to meet, my love.

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2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Mr. Right

  1. Through a Dads eyes, is there a guy good enough for you?I LOVE YOU :)Dad

  2. No, there is no guy good enough, not yet..but God is an awesome God and the young man is still a work in progress…God is growing him to be the man of God that Chelsea deserves so that they may glorify God in all they do, one day together, with Christ as the center because a cord of three is not easily broken : ) love you your heart and your post : )

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