Word Play

“Because [advertising] promotes goods, it produces materialism; because it advocates through incomplete truths and deceptions, it creates cynicism.  When advertising appeals to mass markets, it promotes conformity; when it appeals to status, it promotes social stratification and class conflict; when it appeals to fear, it promotes anxiety; when it appeals to newness, it creates disrespect for authority; when it appeals to youth, it undermines the family; and when it appeals to sexuality, it creates erotic obsession and dysfunction.  Because it appeals to the individual, it makes people selfish; because it must be simple and easily understandable, it deals in social stereotypes and debases language.  Because advertising is emphatic and repetitively insistent, it promotes regression and irrationality, putting consumers into a hypnoid trance that leads to compulsive consumption, inability to defer gratification and disregard of future consequences; at the same time, because it idealizes ‘the good life,’ it creates perpetual dissatisfaction and feelings of lack.” (Robert Fink, musicologist)

Take out the word “advertising” and replace it with “the Devil.”  Take out “it” and replace with “he.”  Wow.


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