What in the World Am I Doing?

3 thoughts on “What in the World Am I Doing?”

  1. Overwhelmed is a word I use a lot in my blogs lately….i have no answers about life and our purpose but I know that walking,learning,reading,seeking, after Jesus will get you going the right way. I too believe that when we use our gifts and talents to glorify Him we are headed in the right direction..still trying to figure it all out but thanking God He is with me every step of the way..keep running the race and know if you stumble He is there to pick you up..as well as your sisters and brothers in Christ..u r loved : ) Think back to the scripture in Matthew 25:15 ..the bags of gold.God was pleased with the men that used their gold to gain more but disappointed with the man who hid his…I believe same with our gifts and talents. if we just hide them and dont glorify God with them he is disappointed and may take them from us…dont worry about making all the right decisions..trust God that if you are seeking He will lead..as the song goes…He's not finished with me(us)yet..thanks for challenging me daily with your blogging : ) (sorry i rambled : )

  2. I think this is an issue that we all struggle with. Someone once told me that if you are walking in HIs path and are sincerely trying to be obedient, that HE will honor that! It is when we don't go to him or try to constantly do things on our own, that he needs to get our attention. I think it's awesome that you are seeking him at this stage of your life! Better yet, that you are sharing your fears as well as your faith with so many! I love you Chel and am praying for you!!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, ladies. I love that God has placed such spiritually wise women in my life to look up to and learn from : ) I really appreciate the advice and prayers. Love you both to pieces…in a good way, of course!

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