Alert the Media, People!

Well, who would have guessed that the very questions about “purpose” and God’s will came up at Eikon last night and have been coming up in my Bible studies ever since I recorded my thoughts a few days ago.  God has a funny sense of humor.

But, no lie, I wasn’t joking when I titled this post alert the media.  I finally got it, directly from the heart of God.  I got it.  Let me guess, you’re asking, “What is it?”  (Or maybe I like to pretend that you’re just that interested that you’re on the edge of your chair as you’re reading this blog- hmmm….well, it’s an entertaining thought anyway- lol).

Here it goes, IT:  This whole life purpose thing isn’t about me discovering what I’m supposed to do, but more who I’m supposed to be.  It’s the shaping and molding in the process that make a clay pot beautiful in the end.  You can’t just skip the middle and go from clay to a pot!  DUH!  Sometimes, I think God must be cracking up when He watches me wander around the earth, crying out, “God, show me what to do with my life!  I’m so confused.  Life is just so hard.  How do I do what you call me to do?”

I can just picture Him saying, “If you just do what I say, you wouldn’t have to worry so much.  I even wrote it all down for you…anything else you need from me?”  Haha.

The world isn’t happy with God’s definition of purpose, because purpose in the world’s eyes leads to a desired end.  You have “reached your calling” or “discovered your purpose” in life. With God, there is no end to our journey, and we never stop developing.  That’s why our purpose is constantly evolving.  Ultimately, our purpose is to glorify God.  So, however He chooses to use us each day fulfills that purpose.

That’s right.  I have no clue where I will be five years from now or what I will be doing.  For the first time, admitting that doesn’t make me nervous.  I can say it with complete confidence, knowing that Christ has it all figured out and taken care of.  Whew- what a load off my shoulders!

Now, I’m back to writing papers and studying for midterms.  And I’m gonna give Him the glory for it the whole time and be thankful, because that’s what I was created to do.  On purpose.


One thought on “Alert the Media, People!

  1. Hey girl,You do "got it". :) who knows where you will be or what you will be doing. Who knows I guess for anyone who is really trying to trust him. It must be harder as you try to plan a career. The beauty of it is that you are a beautiful creation of His that truly recognizes He needs to be consulted in process! God bless.much loveMr. keith

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