It Can’t Be Me.

4 thoughts on “It Can’t Be Me.”

  1. Amen! Seriously-copy,print and bind your post. They are book worthy because they are God inspired. Keep worshipping and bringing Him glory!!

  2. Chel–I'm reading this thinking, ok, Chelsea is going to be the Beth Moore of her generation!! I agree with Mrs. Dawn. Bind and print!!! I want to share this with everyone I know that struggles and it's written as if I said it myself (but you write a hole heck of alot better than me!!). We aren't in this alone, that's the good part! Love you

  3. Wow- I don't quite know what to say. Thank you?! But it's not me…I promise!! lol. I could never write this stuff. Sometimes I look at my posts the next day, and think, "Who in the world wrote this? Cause it's not me!" I'm so grateful God is using this to bring Him glory. Yeah GOD!! : )

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