Here I Go. Patmos 2010.

The moment I was anticipating since Wednesday finally came.  Each time a new piece of email came to my phone, I immediately checked to see if it was a response from my Patmos interview.  This morning- the moment finally came.

“Congratulations!  You have been accepted into the Summer 2010 3-month term of Patmos: Reality Discipleship in Campo Mourao, Brazil.”  It went on to remind me that PATMOS BRAZIL STARTS IN 27 DAYS!!!  AHHHHHH!

Part of me leaps with excitement, and the other part shrinks back with nervousness and anxiety about what is to come.  I know that I will leave as one person and come back as someone completely different.  To tell you that I am completely at ease would be a lie.  I will be leaving my friends and family for three months with people I don’t know in a country I’ve never visited.  But one thing is for sure:  “The Lord works all things together for the good of those who love Him,” and He has plans “to prosper, not to harm.”

In Patmos terms, I will be “challenged for the purpose of change.” I will be pushed beyond my own human limitations to discover what it really means to depend fully upon the saving grace of God.  I will be stretched and poured out.  I will decrease so that He will increase.  And I will learn what it means to “be crucified with Christ.”

All for the glory of God.  My life is not my own.  Just like the video I posted yesterday said, “It’s not what you can get from God, but what God can get from you.”  This summer, I’m laying it all down to see what God can do with me. 

But, I can’t do it alone.  I need all the support I can get.  Starting today, please partner with me in prayer as I prepare to tithe this season of my life.  Pray that passport and visa documentation will go through without any issues.  Pray that God begins to break down barriers in my heart that keep me anxious.  Pray for peace in the midst of this chaotic preparation (26 days!).  Pray that all the doctor’s visits, paperwork, and plane arrangements pan out the way they’re supposed to.

Pray that God provides over $6,000 financially that I will need for this experience.  I am confident in Christ that He will accomplish above and beyond what we can ask, think, or imagine.  In my mind, $6,000 is a lot of money that I don’t have, but hello- I serve the King of the Universe!  I think He can manage a measly $6,000.  I’m counting the financial aspect as just one more challenge in trusting God.  Oh, and did I mention that He holds time in His hands?  Beginning and the end?  I’m thinking He’s more than capable.   It’s just about me being calm and resting in His perfect peace in the process.

I will keep you all updated as things progress.  In the meantime, pray, pray, pray and please share this link with anyone interested in supporting me.

If you want, you can leave a comment letting me know what you’re praying for.  Two weeks before I leave, I have to turn in a prayer support sheet, listing people committed to praying for me on a specific day of the week for a very specific need.  I’ll post about that tomorrow once I have time to set up a sheet.

For more info about Patmos, check out : )

Let the crazy adventure begin!


7 thoughts on “Here I Go. Patmos 2010.

  1. Count me in!!! You know I'm praying for you girl!!!! I can't wait to see what your summer holds and am more than a little excited for you!! Praying for peace for your parents too, you're in God's hands, but I know a "parent's heart" haha.How can I donate?

  2. I am excited to partner in prayer with you!! Going to go pray right now…I'll give you specifics later:) God is so glorious!! I can't wait to hear how He moves…count on our support also. Gonna do a car wash…I'll let u know what u made soon lol:) loveu:)

  3. Goood morning sunshine!! So excited to see what God does in and through you!! Prayed this morning that God would turn your anxiousness to preparedness : ) Praying you dont miss a moment of what He has planned for you. Praying that He will go before you and work out the visa paperwork and financial aspects as only He can do and may God receive all the Glory!! Sign me up for any fundraisers…: 0 ) love hugs and continued prayers

  4. Wow, Chelsea so excited for you!! I totally understand the excitement and nervousness, but you will do beautifully and I am confident in this that God will use you in Brazil the same and more than how He has uses you here. Of course, praying for you and will partner in support:)

  5. This is awesome! I am so so so grateful for all the prayers you are sending up, and the financial support as well. Can't do this without you all : )

  6. Chelsea, you don't know me, but I met your mother this last year when I moved to LP and started attending FBC. You are in such a fantastic place in your life. Right on the edge of one of your greatest adventures yet. It's a bit uncomfortable, but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be God. Please know many of us will be praying for you this summer. I'll look forward to meeting you next time you come to church. Cathee

  7. Ms. Cathee,I have heard wonderful things about you! I'll be home for church on May 9th, and look forward to meeting you then. In the meantime, your prayers mean so much to me. I can't explain how grateful I am for all my Christian brothers and sisters who surround me daily with prayer. See you soon : )

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