Jehovah Jireh

To say that I’m grateful or thankful or overwhelmed or blow away by everyone’s support doesn’t even convey how I’m feeling right now.  Words can’t describe how unbelievably blessed I’m feeling by all the prayers and financial support.  God is working in ways I never thought possible.  Oh, me of little faith!

As of now, 1/3 of my trip is paid for!  I received a call from Mr. Keith Thursday night saying that the youth group (at First Baptist Church of Lake Placid) is committed to raising $2,000 in support.  I didn’t quite know what to say besides, “Are you serious?” and “That’s so awesome!!” Goofy grin on my face for the rest of the day : )

Wanna hear another cool story of God’s provision?  I had an appointment at 12:30 with the Passport Agency in Miami today.  My passport has to be expedited in order to allow time to apply for my visa.  After the one hour drive to downtown Miami and 10 minute drive around the parking garage (8th level parking- success lol), I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment.  I went inside to check in, thinking this would take an hour at the most.  I was wrong.  There was an entire room, well, more like two rooms, filled with people who all had appointments and were waiting.  (Just wondering Passport Agency…why make appointments when they don’t really matter?) 

Anyways, I went up to the window to check in.  “Can I see your passport application, primary form of identification, secondary form of identification, two passport photos, and travel itinerary?”  Whoa- talk about information overload.  I began pulling documents out of my folder and handed them to the receptionist.  Then, I opened my purse to get my driver’s license only to discover I left it in the copier from the night before (they require copies of all this stuff, too!).  Smart one, Chelsea.  I was horrified.  I think my face lost its color.  I had just wrestled lunch hour traffic and checked for everything before I left, except for my license, of course!  She said, “Since you have your previous passport, you might be able to use this as photo I.D., but it might not work because it is a minor passport.  You will just have to wait and see who you get.  The wait is two hours”  My head starts spinning.  Roommate gone on trip to NY.  Other friends can’t get into room without key.  No time to drive back and forth because they shut the office doors at three and appointments can’t be held.  I decided to wait it out. 

Immediately, I began praying- “God, I trust that You have everything under control and You work all things together for the good of those who are called according to your purpose.  You do have a purpose for me at Patmos.  Thank You for being the God who provides.  Where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.  Whom then shall I fear?”  Right after that, I texted my prayer warriors for some serious interceding!  If I didn’t get the passport today, it would throw off my chance of getting the visa in time for the trip, which meant no Patmos this summer!

The two hour wait turned into two and a half.  By the end of my time in that hard plastic chair, I had decided the government should invest in a cheerier paint color for their Passport Agency office.  The gray was killing any hint of happy, especially with the security officers.  Finally…NUMBER 126!!!!  My heart kind of raced before I got to the window.  I was walking and praying, walking and praying.  I handed over my packet of documents and photos.  She asked to see my Driver’s License (of course), and I explained what I had done.  “Well, do you have your social security card?” No ‘mam.  That’s at my house in Lake Placid.  “Where is Lake Placid?” lol…yeah I get that a lot.  Needless to say, she ended up using a birth certificate and my minor passport and the copy of my driver’s license (“I can make this work,” she said).  5 minutes later, I was out of that drab gray office, smiling like a kid in a candy shop.  Misison accomplished- God, You rock!

It was just one more opportunity for God to prove that He doesn’t need little ‘ole me to work out the details. Thank goodness, because I would fail miserably!  Jehovah Jireh…”The Lord will provide.” (Genesis 22:14).  His provision isn’t conditional upon my actions.  He provides because He loves and because He can.  I have a feeling that the Passport Agency won’t be my only Jehovah Jireh on this adventure. 


2 thoughts on “Jehovah Jireh

  1. just a speed bump getting you ready for Patmos.. you handled it well..with prayer : )pastor don maidern always said in our walk we have distraction or opportunity-i think you turned what could have been a distraction in to an opportunity to grow your faith, patience and reliance on HIM!!not to mention what a great witness!! love you

  2. Crying at the computer!! Love you, Love God!! (And yes, I agree with you on the paint choice…the DMV is the same way, no wonder everyone is grumpy!). I know you brought sunshine into that office though!!

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