Quick Update from Brazil : )

4 thoughts on “Quick Update from Brazil : )”

  1. I am so exciting about this time in your life. You have put yourself in a place where God will work miracles in your life. I know that it must be challenging and at times seem impossible but He is enough.I pray for you multiple times a day. I have worn my green bracelet since you were here and I will continue to wear it until I see you again.Blessings.

  2. Chel—We are praying for you daily, many times throughout the day!!We know that God is prepraing you for something much bigger than we can imagine!! Can't wait to see you!! Praying for your safety and endurance and good rest!! Love you!!!! Ms. Renee'

  3. Pastor Brett- I haven't taken my bracelet off since the day you told me you weren't taking yours off until I got home! Can't thank you enough for your commitment to pray and support me. I'm taking your words to heart about trusting in God when it seems impossible. See you in August : )Mrs. Renee- I've gotten all your texts and never get the chance to write back. Your prayers for good rest must be working, because it seems as if these past two weeks have been a little more peaceful in that sense. I don't want to speak too soon, though ; ) Love you. Tell the fam I said hi!

  4. I love the fact that you are learning too much to be able to write about it all! Keep all those emotions going and enjoy everyday to it's fullest. I'm sure that you are taking advantage of everything!! Love ya girlie!

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