Brazil Update Numero Dois : )

So I haven’t posted any pictures since I’ve been here!  Here are a few from the beginning until now…leaving out some, but you get the idea.  I need to start snapping some more, though!  Enjoy these few…
Plane ride…view of Sao Paulo
A little trail at the camp where I spend Patmos Time : )
Brazilian Sunset
Evidence of what we call “vampire bugs”…enough said.
We have all sorts of animals running around the camp!
Downtown Ron Don
The pictures above are all from our Brazilian steak dinner at the Ron Don Moto Club.  YUM!
Tortinhas.  Lime Cookies.  Best thing since sliced bread…no, seriously- this is my favorite snack here!
Ouside of our host home in Ron Don.
My sidekick Diana and I after a refreshing shower.
Camila (left of me) and her Mom with Diana…they were our host family. 
Brazilians are extremely hospitable- I cannot even begin to tell you how welcome they made us feel!  I learned so much about selfless love from them and hope to exten the same hospitality to others that  they offered to me.
Iguacu Falls
God is so good.  He decided He’d throw a rainbow up for a perfect day at the falls.
Jump for joy.
Love this picture (Hipstamatic app on iPhone for most of these)
Tempted by the tourist hats
Butterflies everywhere here.  Beautiful!
Brazilian Steakhouse after the Falls.
Having a little fun with the chefs.
My Paraguay Indian friend…like my headdress?
They were selling all sorts of bags, jewlery, musical instruments, and other handcrafted items.
More to come as soon as time allows : )  Love and miss you all.

4 thoughts on “Brazil Update Numero Dois : )

  1. Chelsea we were so glad to see your pictures. I was afraid that you were getting too skinny because of the stories about not getting to eat and having to share your food. But you look healthy and happy! We love you and miss you and can't wait till you get home and share all your stories with us! Love ya,Mema & Papa

  2. love the hearing the words God has placed on your heart…praying for you daily, God sure puts you on my heart alot : ) love hug and prayers

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