Like a Restless Child

God’s been teaching me a lot about waiting.  Like a restless child, I often refuse, not knowing what my Father has in store.  I feel decisions need to be rushed, projects completed, deadlines met.  
For a sweet word from His lips.
For a lamp unto my feet.
For a light unto my path.
In stillness.
Not moving, but allowing Him to move.
Not seeing, but allowing Him to guide.
Not knowing, but resting in His wisdom.
And trust.
Because a child knows her daddy’s voice.
And when He’s ready for her to move,
She’ll know.
But for now, I wait. 
I serve the Author of time.  He is not bound by the constraints I daily see. One of my friends introduced me to this video the other night.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it once she showed it to me, mostly because I’ve been so hammered with theme of “wait” and “rest” lately.  Though Janette’s poem is about relationships, I think the heart of the poem is about submission to Christ in every aspect of life, trusting that His plan is the best.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I want the guy she describes, and I want to be the woman she details.
P.S. The best part of the video (in my humble opinion) starts around 5:30 : )

One thought on “Like a Restless Child

  1. Wait….and be renewed
    wait…as the watchman wait for the!! serve Him…what a powerful video…great God glorifying u

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