All Grace

“THE GOD OF ALL GRACE.” 1 Peter 5:10

The God of all grace. Every sin in every generation for every person-He has enough grace. Every daunting endeavor that He calls us to-enough grace. Every interaction with every poisonous individual- more grace. For all the trials and tribulations since the fall of man- grace. For the mundane days at the office, for the phone calls we never want to get, for the birth of a new baby, for the death of your dearest friend. All the grace that was ever needed or will ever be needed for all people in every possible circumstance is found only in Him. (Read that again…slowly.) Not an ounce of it exists apart from Him! Our lives depend on it, though we often don’t even acknowledge its presence…His presence. He is Lord and Master of this breathtaking grace, our daily bread and simultaneously a divine feast. He calls all to the table, dispensing it generously and without reserve. The God of all grace.

Thank You, God, that you are not a God of half or quarter grace. Thank You for the grace You give me to know You-not from a distance, but up close and personal. Your grace is what saves us, what changes us, what gives us hope for the future and strength for today.

Though it’s not easy, may I mimic Your grace- for myself, for those hard to love, for those easy to judge. Grace. Help me be both a display and a vessel for Your grace- accepting it, but never hoarding it. You never run out. The well never runs dry. You never even come close to low- the stream of grace is constant, pointing to the cross where grace had one of its finest and most celebrated exhibitions. The innocent One murdered for the convict, and the convict set free. Scandalous grace.

But by the grace of God, I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain… 1 Corinthians 15:10

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2 thoughts on “All Grace

  1. Love seeing you writing again…and how God uses your words to encourage us when we are “Dog Tired!”

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