The Girl

4 thoughts on “The Girl”

  1. Chelsea,

    I happened upon your blog this morning. Thank you for your beautiful writing. How wonderful to know the Lord so deeply at your age, and to love Him so dearly. I see His love shining through you and you witness to the world, “He is King”. May God Bless You,

    Anne Smoak

    1. Mrs. Smoak,

      Your kind words made my day! It is my greatest pleasure to know that God is being glorified through feeble me :) Only by His patience and grace. Mr. Smoak and yourself have been great examples to me on my journey. Thank you for living such joyful, God-honoring lives. You are a blessing without even knowing it!

  2. Hey Chelsea,

    You commented on my World Race blog ages ago and I didn’t have the internet to support figuring out who you were– but now that I’m home I do and I’m excited to follow you!
    Thanks for your encouragement and I hope I can do the same back. I love what you have here. :)

    1. I’m so glad you found me! I love reading your blog- you should definitely keep it up…maybe even write a book or something :) Thanks for thinking to check on me. Let me know how I can pray for you!

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